Loni Herried


 I’m so grateful that I discovered Miller Chiropractic. For thanks to Dr. Wayne Miller, I’m feeling better than I have in a long time. Due to incorrect treatment following a car accident, my pain from head and neck aches continued to get worse. But thanks to Dr. Miller’s expertise, he knew exactly what was going on when other doctors, even neurosurgeons, did not. So thanks to his treatments and the addition of the Gyrostim, my symptoms of head and neck pain, tremors, and high blood pressure have improved greatly. My many, many thanks to Dr. Miller for being the caring doctor that he is. I recommend any person dealing with pain, or just wanting to feel better, to make an appointment a.s.a.p. You will not be disappointed!!



Diane Smith


Headaches, dizziness, irritability, light sensitivity and back pain.  I thought that was my new life after being in a car accident, but during my first appointment with Dr. Wayne, I knew there was hope for recovery from those issues.  The treatments I’ve received from him, both chiropractic and neurological,  have given me so many parts of my life back and I’m forever grateful. 




Doreen Simmons


To both Dr. Miller's and the girls in the front office;


Thank you so much for making me feel so much better, life is good! We are very lucky to have found you in Santa Maria! Between all my adjustments and exercises and the GyroStim, the ride of excitement, I feel fabulous! Many thanks to everyone!




Alicia Smith


Thank you Dr. Wayne Miller, Desirae, and Frances!


I have been going to Dr. Wayne Miller for over a decade now. I started going when I was in the passenger seat of my car which got rear-ended. I was sent to physical therapy which did nothing for me and the pain was so bad that I wasn't able to get out of bed for days at a time. Thankfully I heard about Dr. Miller and now recommend Miller Chiropractic to everyone I know! Not only did Dr. Miller fix my lower back pain but he also has fixed ribs that I manage to pull out during my gym work outs, he has realigned my herniated disk which was another gym mistake, he boosts my immune system when I am sick and I am able to heal quicker, he uses his laser on my surgeries to heal the scar from the inside out, which also makes the scar look more appealing once it completely heals. Desirae and Frances are always so very helpful on the phone and when I come into the office! They are always so accommodating when I need to 'get in' before the weekend when I've pulled something.  Thank you SO much for keeping my body in line and working with out pain! Dr. Miller is my first choice when it comes to fixing anything that goes wrong with my body. Thank you again!


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