Rehabilitation Equipment

GyroStim Balance Chair

What is the GyroStim Balance Chair?

The GyroStim Balance Chair is a device developed by UltraThera Technologies to provide patterned, programmed and precise input to the human vestibular apparatus--that portion of our inner ears that tells the brain where we are in space and time.


It has been found to be an effective tool for the treatment of a variety of conditions, and as such, may be included in recommended car programs for certain chiropractic functional neurology patients.


Here a young girl with Cerebral Palsy completes her balance training session in the GyroStim.


Comprehensive Assessment of Postural Systems

The CAPS™ (Comprehensive Assessment of Postural Systems) is the essential tool for any clinician who wants to offer balance disorder/falls-risk screenings, diagnosis and rehabilitation to his/her patient population as well as implement an effective, profitable fall prevention program. 

Cybex 6000 Isokinetic

Trunk Flexion and Extension

The CYBEX 6000 isokinetic machine is used to test and rehabilitate / strengthen our patients while providing quantitative measurement of their performance.

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