Interview with Gail Richards from Ultra Therm Technologies, maker of the Gyro Stim

When was your GyroStim installed?

  • February 18, 2012


How soon after that did you see your first patient?

  • March 9, 2012 (after we received the VNG Goggles)


How many patients are you treating with the GyroStim each week?

  • Roughly two per week.
  • Out of our existing patients, about 15-20 patients have used it so far.


How has your new patient population grown since acquiring the GyroStim?

  • We have taken on a few new people because of the GyroStim
  • Word of mouth interest from patients who experience successful outcomes.
  • We have a lot more calls than sign ups at this time. People from all over the country are inquiring about the GyroStim.


Do patients who use the GyroStim also take advantage of your other services?

  • Existing patients already are, new patients have traveled specifically for the GyroStim, so not at this time.


Could you list the conditions you have treated people for using the GyroStim?

  • Cerebral Palsy;
  • Dystonia;
  • Stroke;
  • Mild TBI;
  • Concussion;
  • Tremor;
  • Vertigo;
  • Migraine;
  • Autism;
  • ADHD;
  • OCD; and
  • Disautonomia.


Please tell us the most remarkable success story(s) you have experienced with the GyroStim so far.


  • Mild TBI - A man has been a patient at Miller Chiropractic for 7 years. He was thrown from a car and landed on his head. After the accident, he couldn't speak well and when he did, he stuttered. At Miller Chiropractic, we helped him significantly through chiropractic and vestibular rehab. He was able to go back to work but still experienced light sensitivity, felt off balance, and had mood issues.  After 2 days of treatment he was out in a restaurant when somebody at a nearby table took a flash photo - he did not have any adverse reactions or dizziness. He now says he feels 'balanced' and his kids say they like the 'new dad' better.


  • Vertigo - A professional chef experienced vertigo for two years with no relief. Dr. Miller performed the Epley maneuver which helped her somewhat but she was still off balance, dizzy, had neck pain and stiffness, and felt numbness and tingling in her right hand. After several treatments, she was no longer dizzy, had no neck discomfort, could use her hand, and get back to work with full strength and mobility.


  • ADHD - A 13-year old girl could not focus or finish most tasks. VNG Goggles revealed Saccadic intrusions (fast eye movements) in her pursuits. After treatment, these symptoms are gone and for the first time she is successfully completing tasks as well as comprehending and enjoying reading.


What does the GyroStim mean to your practice?

  • The GyroStim represents an additional way for us to treat patients, where we had been otherwise limited in the past.


What does the GyroStim mean to your community?

  • Increase the economy by way of those regaining health and are able to work and return to productivity.
  • The local community right now is actually unaware of what it means as it is brand new and the word is just getting out.
  • We realize that a lot of people want to use the GyroStim but are not able or willing to travel. When the word does get out more, we are excited about how the community will respond to being fortunate enough to have access to a GyroStim.


What does the GyroStim mean to you personally?

  • The GyroStim allows Dr. Wayne Miller and Dr. Robert Miller to work side by side. Dr. Robert Miller has practiced for 50 years and we have shared our practice together for 27 years. Having the GyroStim is exciting because it allows us as father and son to work together literally side by side.
  • The GyroStim will also allow Dr. Robert Miller, Dr. Wayne Millers father, to continue to practice should the physical demands of chiropractic become too taxing as he ages.


Was adding the GyroStim to your practice a good business decision?

  • Yes. If it helps patients, it is the right thing to do and so far, everybody has gotten some relief from using the GyroStim.


What do you want other practitioners to know about the GyroStim?

  • That if you like helping people and giving hope, you will love the GyroStim.


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