Comprehensive Assessment of Postural Systems


Why is Balance Important?

Good balance is the fundamental pre-requisite to everything your body does. This is not just limited to the control of muscles and joints but also your organs and glands.


Your balance has far reaching effects on your body as a whole both emotionally and physically.  Your brain needs to accurately pin point where you are in space instantly. If the accuracy or speed of this response is impaired the risk of injury and falls increases greatly.


Additionally, we often see related problems in other body systems. A common example of this is the nausea, vomiting and emotional distress that so often accompanies motion sickness.

  • Falls-risk
  • Falls
  • Falling
  • Fall Prevention
  • Balance
  • Balance Disorder
  • Force Platform
  • Vestibular Testing
  • Balance Testing
  • Balance Therapy

What is CAPs?

 The CAPS™ (Comprehensive Assessment of Postural Systems)

is an essential tool that we offer for balance disorder/falls-risk

screenings, diagnosis and rehabilitation to our patients as well as

implement an effective, profitable fall prevention program. 

The CAPS™ Professional is not just a posturography product: it is

also an extremely advanced physical performance testing and

rehabilitation tool that can be used for a variety of applications besides assessing balance and dizziness, and for fall prevention.

In fact, in addition to what you can do with the CAPS™ Lite, the

CAPS™ Professional allows you to obtain our patients detailed

medical history, with special emphasis on falls, balance disorders,

hearing and tinnitus; to test our patients balance in every possible combination of head, arm, leg, body and force platform positions;

we get sit-to-stand analysis data far superior to anything else available anywhere else; we test the explosive strength of leg and arm muscles

of patients of all ages. We also use it to test Limit of Stability (LoS)

in eight positions; and to improve lower extremity strength, reaction time, stamina and more with our unique “body saccades” targeting


Real Eyes/ Optokinetic Testing

Infrared optokinetic evaluation is used to help determine:

  • Vascular insufficiency
  • Spinal stability
  • Neurological integrity/ Vestibular mechanics


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