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12 Tricks toSave Your Life in 2012 /

Breakthrough Concussion Treatment


January 11, 2012


Dr. Frederick Carrick, professor of neurology at Life University in Marietta, Georgia, reveals a breakthrough therapy for those dealing with concussions. 


Click on The Doctors photo above to view the GyroStim in action...

The GyroStim creates new opportunity for extraordinary therapies and treatments far beyond the limitations of conventional methodologies

The GyroStim has been instrumental in returning professional athletes to 100% performance, moving from the bench and back into to the game as quickly as possible.

Training with the GyroStim promotes balance reconditioning, improved reflexes, focus, responsiveness, and energy.

Athletes of all abilities seeking to enhance performance through improved balance make the GyroStim part of their training regimen.

  • The GyroStim helps athletes attain better performance through better balance.


Children and adults from all walks of life faced with balance issues use the GyroStim.

  • GyroStim is designed to accommodate people of all shapes and sizes, even those with debilitating conditions that prevent them from independent mobility.


Individuals with age-related deterioration of balance, energy, and focus find renewed vitality with the GyroStim.

  • Balance disorders, lack of energy, loss of focus and vitality in the elderly are widespread. With the Baby Boomer population now becoming senior citizens, the GyroStim takes on a critical role in helping older individuals regain lost function, mobility, and vibrancy as they age.
A senior citizen inverts in the GyroStim to address balance issues.

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